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St Davids Lifeboat Station Open Day 28th August 2011
Posted on: 3rd September 2011
Updated on: 03 September, 2011

On the 28th August 2011 St Davids Lifeboat station opened its doors to the pubilc for its annual open day which culminated in the launch of both the station's All Weather 'Tyne' class lifeboat 'Garside' and their Inshore D class 'Myrtle and Trevor Gurr'. 

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Key Information:

Cost: FREE, although donations welcome

On display: Tyne class All Weather Lifeboat 'RNLIB Garside'

D Class Inshore Lifeboat 'RNLIB Myrtle and Trevor Gurr'

New Holland Launching Tractor

It is not every day that you get to see, not one but two lifeboats launch, particularly when you happen to live nearly as far away from the sea as it is possible to get! The station actually consists of two lifeboat houses - one, the original lifeboat house provides shelter to the D class, the other keeps the 'Tyne' dry at the top of the slip way. Both are interesting in themselves as you can read about some of the many daring rescues carried out by St Davids Lifeboat crews since 1869 when a lifeboat was first stationed here on the Pembrokeshire Coast. So far some 360 lives have been saved by the lifeboats at St Davids and countless more have been helped out of trouble.(Above right: 'RNLIB Garside' leads the D class pass the watching crowds. Full size?)

Although the station is actually open to the public most days this annual open day gave visitors the unusual oportunity to board the All Weather Tyne class lifeboat where one of the crew gave us a most informative and interesting tour of the boat. The high tech equipment on board ranged from GPS which could show where the boat had already gone to radar and echo sounders. Also on display was the station's inshore D class lifeboat 'RNLIB Myrtle and Trevor Gurr' and it's New Holland launching tractor. A couple of the crew were  on hand to answer any questions visitors might have. The D class was new to the station in 2008. (Above Left: The Tyne Class is rocked by a wave. If she capsized she could self right in 10seconds! Full size?) The open day was very well attended and although it is a free event visitors were encouraged to make a small donation toward the running of the station and the boats - a very expensive undertaking, just the protective clothing for one crew member costs £909 and £896 for inshore and all weather crews respectively! Total running costs for the RNLI last year was a staggering £145.5million. (Right: D class 'RNLIB Myrtle and Trevor Gurr' is taken for a spin past the watching crowds. Full Size?)

However, the undoubted highlight of the open day was the spectaular launches of both 'RNLIB Garside' and'RNLIB Myrtle and Trevor Gurr', watched by large crowds from the cliff tops surrounding the station the two boats went for a little 'spin' around the area before returning to station some time later. 

Overall, marvelous event that serves to highlight the important role that volunteer lifeboat crews play. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crews of the St Davids Lifeboats for putting on this event and those behind the scenes that made it happen.